Information- How do evaporative coolers work

What are the Advantages to Evaporative Air Cooling?

* Low cost of operation and maintenance 

* Maximum comfort when needed. The hotter the day, the greater the cooling. 

* 100% fresh, filtered air.

Air Exhausting

Evaporative air coolers will function correctly only if there is a way for the cooled air to exit the building. Proper location of exhaust openings is important as the guide flow of air through areas where cooling is desired; they should be at a point most distant from cooled air inlet and permit  free movement of air out of the area being cooled. Using standard CFM ratings, a general method for determining how much to allow for exhaust openings (vents, doors or windows, etc) for proper air exhausting is 2 square feet of unrestricted opening per 1,000 CFM.

Maintenance Schedule

Regular maintenance and periodic inspection is the key to long and 

successful service from your cooler.  The  cooler should receive major servicing at least once a year, more often if conditions  require (dusty environment, constant  use,  poor  water  quality, etc.)  For maximum cooling efficiency, long life and appearance, every two months during operation, the cooler should be inspected and cleaned. 

Pad types

Aspen Media Pads are made from aspen tree fibers, held together in a pad form with a thin plastic netting. This form of  media is durable and economical.
Rigid Media Pads are designed to operate at maximum efficiency with minimal maintenance, 8” and 12” media depths are  available. These pads have an extremely long lifecycle if maintained  properly.
Polyester Media Pads are made from random fiber distribution. The fibers are laid in all directions throughout the web to create a unified media. This offers more cross-over points which help  trap dirt and particles.  

Environmentally Friendly

The simple concept of mixing air and water produces powerful, energy efficient
cooling that is both economical and  environmentally  friendly.  Evaporative coolers are ideally suited for the rigorous  demands  of  commercial  /  industrial  
applications such as those found in warehouses, plants and factories.
Energy Efficient Evaporative Cooling

The Importance of Fresh Air

Induction of fresh air into the workplace is often a crucial requirement that must be met in order to comply with various federal, state and local codes   Evaporative coolers  provide an economic means of cooling diverse environments while  substantially reducing the associated operating and maintenance  costs as compared to mechanical refrigeration. Portable coolers are great for hard to cool areas.

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